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Wedding Speeches

A substantial and hearty welcome to our wedding speeches section!

It’s great to have you visit us at this exciting time in your life.

In this section you will find all the resources that you need for your special part of the special occasion.

You can find stacks of free advice, products that will save you time and trouble, and even custom options that will take the whole burden from your shoulders.  Whatever you want out of a wedding speech, you will find help at ABC Speaking Skills.

Although you have been searching for information about a wedding speech, you probably have a more specific role to play.

Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride or Groom, Mother of the Bride or Groom…or even, (and why not!) you could be the Bride or the Groom!

Brides and Grooms do speak fairly often, although usually in more of a thank you tone than other speakers. We can give more specific advice based on which role you have.

Best men will feel well at home in our Best Man speech zone.

Maids of Honor should be more than comfortable while they check out everything they need for a Maid of Honor speech here in their Ladies Lounge.

Let’s have a look at what we give you…..

Speaking Confidence Course

We know that some people are nervous about public speaking.  Of course……but sometimes those pre-speech nerves can feel truly awful.  If your speaking confidence could do with a boost, you might like to take a look at our free public speaking confidence course.  It’s designed to help nervous speakers get enough confidence to succeed in social speaking.  Wedding speeches are just the sort of occasion we had in mind when we created the course.

General advice for wedding speeches

Whichever role you are playing on the big day there are some general pieces of advice and speech examples that will apply.

You can use our standard short and long format wedding speech templates as the foundation of any speech.

Using a professional wedding speech

Sometimes it helps to get a little extra advice and professional help.  If you want to put yourself in a prime position quickly, then paying about 20 dollars for a pro-product is probably a smart move.

We have reviewed specific professional speech products for Best Men here, and the professional Maid of Honor speech examples products are in this spot.

If you have another role at the wedding, then you will find our general review of professionally written Speech Examples useful.  Either of our two recommended wedding speech vendors will do you proud.


Custom wedding speeches – exactly right for you with minimum effort?

If you want to make life even easier……in fact as easy as possible this side of us doing the speech for you, then why not let us write the whole speech?  We are very reasonably priced (honestly!), and you get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can get a free and “no obligation” quote from our Wedding Speech writing service request page.  Read about our offer (we think it’s the best available deal) and think about trying us out.

wedding speeches writing service
A professionally written speech can make life easier and improve your performance.

We’ll write a draft version of your speech (whichever wedding speech role you are playing) and then you can get an immediate feel if it’s going to work for you.  If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back straight away.  Our reputation is important to us (we don’t hide away), and we always stand behind our promises.

We use hand-picked professional American and UK writers….they cost more but they make your speech better.  We could make more profit by outsourcing the work to low cost locations, but again we value our reputation.  The speech must be perfect for you, and professional native English writes who know your culture are worth the premium.

With our service you will get a professional writer who understands humor, wit, and finds just the right balance of sentimentality and fun.  They know what works, and they’ll make you sound great.

If our draft wedding speech doesn’t cut it, you get a fast refund and our best wishes.  A fair price and zero risk for you!


Wedding Speech Advice on Video

To help you out, the ABC Speaking Skills team prepared some wedding speech video advice for you to watch.  Each of the experts has given plenty of wedding speeches and is a very experienced and talented speaker in their own right.

Check out their videos.

There is Paul…..he’s a comedian too don’t you know.

Lovely Paula is top of everyone’s Master of Ceremonies list when it comes to weddings

….and Bill is our resident actor who has a bag of stagecraft tips and tricks that embarrasses professional magicians!


 applause for speech at wedding

We wish you success with your wedding speech, whatever your role!

Cheers!…The ABC Speaking Skills Team.