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How To Prepare A Great Maid of Honor Speech For Your Sister …..

Hello there…..and welcome to our sisters wedding speech section!

This part of the site is focused on “sister of the bride speeches“, so you are in the right place.

We have given over one thousand speeches and performances, and we want you to have that knowledge.  We understand that giving a speech at your sister’s wedding is one of the most special days of your life.

If you give a lovely maid of honor speech and create a wonderful shared moment with your sister, then the world will be a better place, and that’s why we created this section.


How we help you give a funny and competent “sister wedding speech”?


1) We offer plenty of free advice! For example…. We analyse other maid’s speeches, find what works and what doesn’t…then we share that insight with you.


Here is our analysis of a very interesting speech by a lady called Megan who gave a great toast / speech for her sister.

We share the “Must Know” aspects of preparing and delivering a fabulous performance in our special guide…..

How to Rock Your Maid of Honor Speech: Sisters Edition!…..scroll down for that.

2)    10 Professional Maid of Honor “Sister” Speeches

10 Professional Maid of Honor “Sister” Speeches

Professional “sister focused” funny speech examples

Plus “sister specific” giggle inducing jokes pack

130 hilarious personality trait testimonials (talkative, fun, organized, etc)


So there is something for everyone to use. That said, right now you are probably looking for stage 1).  No problem! So let’s think for a minute about the mindset and goal you are looking for…..then end result if you like.

maid of honor speech sisters lifetime memory
As maid of honor, you create more than a speech. You create a fabulous lifetime memory for you and your sister!

Imagine the elation after you deliver your fabulous maid of honor speech brilliantly.

Imagine the smiles and applause from the audience, and most importantly imagine the “look” from your sister as she grins with love and simultaneous amazement at your terrific delivery.

…and then imagine that you achieve that stress free, and to the high standards that you want.

This is one of the most important days in your life and your sister’s life, and you certainly want to get it right.

Is that about right?  Is that what you are aiming for?…It should be! Wouldn’t it be great to avoid that nagging doubt that maybe you could have done things better? With a little effort and experienced guidance you can make massive improvements to your performance. We all know how uncomfortable it can be when speeches go wrong and people start feeling embarrassed! You want to avoid that of course.

Can I really write a speech that highlights the love and thoughts I want to share, and makes people laugh?….reasonably quickly and easily?


Yes!….it’s certainly possible.   The trick is knowing where to start…and keep your focus. One of the keys is to get your sister’s personality into your speech. Look for any opportunity to bring “her” into your performance. Whatever her personal style, you can include personality testimonials that suit her exactly. You will get plenty of extra laughs and bonds with the audience as the recognize the personality traits of your sister……..easy and simple for you to use. You and your sister are special and unique. By using focused jokes and funny personality traits you will get the audience giggling and “on your side”. The rest of your speech will flow beautifully! That said, there is still plenty more you can do, and that probably as good a place as any for Part 1 of our guide to giving a great maid of honor speech for your sister,

Don’t Settle For Good, Make Your Sister’s Maid of Honor Speech Wonderful and Memorable For All The Right Reasons


How to Rock Your Maid of Honor “Sister of the Bride Speech”: MOH Sisters Edition!

You’re at wedding. The ceremony is over, cocktail hour has wrapped up, and the hundred or so guests are settling down to dinner. That’s when a gentle “ting ting ting!” sound rings out through the banquet hall. Oh, look! It’s the maid of honor! It must be time for the wedding toast!

The maid of honor is the sister of the bride, so you think to yourself, this should be good. You sit back, ready to hear a loving toast to one of your best friends… …And what follows is the absolute WORST maid of honor speech you’ve ever heard. It’s garbled and disorganized; she tries to be funny, but instead comes across as a little bit mean (who tells stories about the bride’s exes at a wedding, anyway?); she barely acknowledges the groom; and on top of that, you can barely hear her.

Yikes! But now you’re the one in the hot seat, serving as the maid of honor for your sister’s wedding. Are you worried you’re going to give a repeat performance of the Worst maid of honor Speech in History? Have no fear—here’s how NOT to do that!


Sisterly Love:

Where do you begin when writing a maid of honor speech for your aisle-bound sister? Easy—you start with the one thing you’ve got that no one else has: The fact that you’re sisters. You grew up together. You went through torturous family photo sittings together.  You shared an Easy Bake Oven—and possibly shared the experience of accidentally almost burning down the house with it. You taught her how to braid her hair. She taught you how to wear makeup. You shared clothes and shoes. You teased her when she woke up with the first breakout of her teenage years. She teased you when Bobby McGill told the entire second grade he wanted to marry you. All of these memories from your life together as sisters can—and should—be used as your jumping-off point.  Get those creative juices flowing!


What I Like About You: Think about the sorts of qualities your sister has that you admire. Is she fearless? Kind? Brave? Loyal? Resilient? Funny? Make a list of these qualities and keep it close by for the next step.


Story Time: Now take another look at that list of your sister’s best qualities and venture deep into your memory banks. What stories from your childhood illustrate these qualities? These stories will make up the backbone of your speech.

If she can always make you laugh, talk about what she did to help you through recovery when you broke your leg after fall off the trampoline in the backyard: Nobody does goofy puppet shows with a cast of thousands (oh, all right, a cast of three Barbies and a GI Joe) like your sis! If she’s the strongest person you know, tell how she dealt with being bullied by your neighborhood’s resident mean kid when she was eight:

By refusing to let him get her down, standing up for herself, and becoming the self-appointed protector of all the other kids he was bullying. Once you have your list of qualities and your store of memories, get writing. The prep work you’ve already done will make it easier than you think—promise. It’s A-OK to use humor, by the way; just remember that the idea is to rib, not to roast.



The Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, the whole point of a maid of honor speech is to show how much the bride—your sister—means to you. Share the love!

In summary……

We like to make life easier for everyone…… ….and that’s what it’s all about. Saving you time and stress, and helping you deliver a perfect speech that makes you and your sister proud. With a little help from us, you will deliver a fabulous speech and create that wonderful lifetime memory for both of you! So we kindly suggest the following approach…..



1) Have a look at Megan toasting her sister.

2) Check out  “How to Rock Your Maid of Honor Speech: Sisters Edition” up above

3) If you think professional speeches and jokes might help, why not check out our sister focused speech packs?

10 Professional Maid of Honor “Sister” Speeches

Professional “sister focused” funny speech examples

Plus “sister specific” giggle inducing jokes pack

130 hilarious personality trait testimonials (talkative, fun, organized, etc)


Whatever you choose though, we wish you (and your sister) great success with your wedding speech!

Cheers! Dan & The ABC Speaking Skills Team

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