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Welcome to our video tips section!

Here you will find many short videos with advice from our team of experts.  They are all superb speakers, and lovely people too.

You can read a bit about each of these folks here, and then check out some of the video tips via the sidebar on the right side of your screen.

You can use these tips as a complement to our Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking Course.  Between the two resources you have a great chance of improving your public speaking and to lose that fear!




Paul Huxley – Toastmasters President, Stand Up Comedian

Paul is a great friend of mine. I met him through Toastmasters, and he has been one of the most dedicated public speakers of the last decade. I’ve lost count of the number of interesting and well-crafted speeches Paul has given.

Quick witted, intelligent, and a fabulous chef, yes folks, that’s Paul’s wife Marta. However Paul has managed to pick up some useful skills himself. Ha ha! 🙂

Paul gives up a great deal of time and energy to help other people conquer a fear of public speaking via Toastmasters, and he takes on one of the toughest public speaking roles of all when gets on stage to make people laugh.

Paul is one the brightest fellows I know, and I respect his opinion on almost anything except Birmingham Football Club. He kindly agreed to contribute to my project, so I can’t say anything bad about him, but I wouldn’t want to anyway. 🙂


Bill Monsour – Actor, TV Host, Professional Trainer I have known Bill for over 9 years, and in all that time he has been consistently one of the best speakers I have seen. Bill is a multi-talented and truly versatile performer, and he is terrific person to learn from whatever your take on public speaking. Bill is a showman, and apart from his professional credentials, Bill is also a European Champion of public speaking. Bill used to host his own TV show,and it shows in every performance he gives. He is a professional and a top chap. He agreed to help with my project and I really appreciate his time input and talent. Bill gives several great tips and useful public speaking advice across http://abcspeakingskills.com. Whatever your level, from nervous and fearful through to very confident, there is something to learn from Bill. Enjoy his advice! __________________________________________________________________________

Paula O’Connell – Competent Toastmaster, “Master of Ceremonies”, and Recruitment Director

Paula O'Connell - Expert Public Speaker, MC, and Recruitment DirectorPaula is a fabulous person who is compassionate, inspiring, and smart. She has a terrific talent for “telling it like it is” in a way that makes everyone understand and respect the reasons behind her stance. Paula’s communication skills are of a particularly high-standard, and because she is an international recruitment director those standards have to be high.

Paula performs “Master of Ceremony” public speaking duties at large functions regularly (her popularity is testament to her capability) and has been a leading light in Toastmasters for over a decade.

If you want advice for business presentation skills, then listen especially carefully to what Paula says. She has worked with big names in blue chip companies for nearly 20 years (but she is still young 🙂 ). Paula knows what you need to say and how to say it. In brief, a top lady who has taught me a lot, and she has kindly agreed to teach you too. Terrific. Thanks Paula!