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The famous 5 Minute guide to writing your Maid of Honor Toast

Want fast tips and an example speech structure in 5 minutes?  You got it! I suggest you start here with our how to write your Maid of Honor Speech guide, because our guide will give you a good idea of what you are aiming for.


Video advice from our expert team

Maid of honor speeches advice video linksNext up, why not check out or Wedding Speech video advice from the ABC Speaking Skills expert team. All of the team have given great wedding speeches, so they speak from the heart and their experience. It’s well worth a watch.

Read the questions that other Maids asked (and our top answers)

You’re not the first one to go through this, and you wont be the last.  You have questions and we might have answered them before.

Why not jump over to one of our discussion topics, and see what other people are talking about.  You just might find the answer you need straight away.

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Learn from other people’s Maid of Honor example speeches

Still with us? Great!……because you can pick up a stack of tips by watching several other Maid’s of Honor in action. We selected some of the more interesting Maid of Honor speech videos for you to watch and learn some quick and easy tips to ramp up your speech.

Analysis of Maid of Honor speech  - Jennie
Jennie – We analyse her Maid of Honor Speech so that you can get the best tips

We give a breakdown of what’s good ….and what’s not so good in each speech so that you can learn quickly from other people’s mistakes and success.

You get expert advice and real video examples to watch. This will save you time, and you will get a terrific and easy to understand visual picture of what works and why it works.

You can watch the first of those Maid of Honor examples here…..and start collecting your top tips for your own speech right away!


Our review of the professional Maid of Honor speeches products

If you want to go further and give yourself the best possible preparation, then you can check out our review of the best pro MOH Speech products here.

You will see these products advertised around the internet on various sites. You will probably be asking yourself if they are worth the money….but how will you know for sure? We can help!

We splashed the cash and bought each one anonymously. We wanted to see if the products are good, and if the vendors really will treat you well if you want your cash back. That’s pretty useful right? Check out the details here.

We only recommend quality products and we give you the inside detail on what’s really inside.

Each of these products has 20+ great quality Maid of Honor sample speeches coupled with detailed speech preparation advice. They also give you a whole bunch of wedding quotes and toasts to add spice to your speech. If you want to get 20+ professional speech templates on your computer in less than 5 minutes, this is the place for you.

Find out which product is the best, and exactly what you get for your money.

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