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Maid of Honor Toast Examples – Megan

Here we see Megan performing a rap. Now, normally we would shy away from highlighting a Maid of Honor Toast rap (usually too difficult for the rest of us to do), but Megan gives us so much Maid of Honor speech goodness that we feel it should be shared.

The rap itself is a fun little twist, but there is plenty of “normal” top technique is this video….well worth a watch!

3 Good Things – Maid of Honor Toast Examples – Megan

1) Simple and useful introduction

Megan tells us that she is the Bride’s sister….that conveys a lot more than a simple relationship. It confirms why she is there at that moment. Remember that not everyone at a wedding knows who you are. It also tells us that Megan has known Desiree (the bride for a long time), she has deep personal involvement, and of course she loves her sister enormously. It’s a warm start to the speech that already has us liking her. This is a great way for any Maid to start her Toast!

2)  Plenty of love and compliments for the bride

There is no shortage of positive feeling between the sisters is there? Megan’s general point is that she wanted to be like her sister. She admires Desiree, and is so proud of Desiree. This is good stuff, and just can’t help but feel uplifted by such connectivity.

3) Involves her Dad

Nice touch…..in a very gentle way she has a little fun with her father. You can hear how the wonderfully the audience reacts, and that is SUCH a powerful boost to everything else that follows. Invlving parents can lead to extra speech momentum. Have the room may well know the personality traits of a parent. If you can mine a seam like Megan does you will nearly always have the audience in your hand.

3 “Not Quite So Good” Things


1) Don’t blow the beginning

You can hear that Megan’s voice nearly cracks during her introduction. Make sure you have given yourself a chance to feel the emotions of the day first. If her voice had cracked then the rest of her wonderful speech would have been dampened. Do all you can to avoid that crack!


2) Poor imagery

There are so many good lines in this toast, so did Megan really need to talk about popping kids out? We have heard and said worse things but there are 101 other lines she could have used. Try to keep the imagery up to scratch.

3) Religion = serious

Megan is obviously religious and probably a large part of her family is too. Now, Megan’s speech is so upbeat and dandy and rolling and going so well…….until she brings religion in. There is nothing wrong with sharing your powerful beliefs of course, just do it at the right time. You can hear how the audience doesn’t know how to react and the speech momentum is lost at this point. They were all geed up and ready to laugh and then suddenly they feel like it might be inappropriate to laugh. Try to keep a roll going, and don’t lose your momentum.


maid of honor toast examples
Megan – a rap but plenty of good MOH tips!


Summary of advice from Megan’s Maid of Honor Toast

1) Simple and useful introduction
2) Plenty of love and compliments for the bride
3) Involves her Dad
4) Don’t blow the beginning
5) Avoid poor imagery
6) Be careful with relgion

Overall Megan delivers a terrific performance, and Desiree can certainly be proud of her now!


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My Review of the Best Sources of

Maid of Honor Toasts


I know you like speech templates that you can use to help build your own speech. So I thought it would be useful if I purchased and reviewed 3 of the best sources you will find on the internet.  Of course I think our own maid of honor speech pack products (above) are the best, but you might want to see some others.

I did this so you know if they are useful or not.

I bought these products with my own money (no influence from the vendors). I looked at each one in detail, and I will give you my opinion of which is the best, even though they are competitors!

This is an honest review. I am not recommending a product because it pays more money. I really believe that if you don’t want our own “Speeches Made Easy” products then the recommended product below is the best alternative for you.


I looked at 3 paid sites.


You can find hundreds of examples on the internet, but how many templates do you really need?

Each of the paid sites has 20+ good maid of honor toasts (which is enough for you to make one good speech), and because they are written by professional writers they contain extra finesse.

All 3 paid sites will save you time, and for roughly 25 dollars, it’s worth it.

Of the paid sources, the one I most recommend is…….wait for it……



1) Because their toasts have a little greater depth and quality…they are (in my opinion) slightly better than the other two sites I reviewed.

2) Their pre-speech preparation advice is comprehensive and offers genuine helpful advice that you can use.

3) They had the easiest purchase and download process.

….for more detail, read on!


Note: I also tested all the paid sites on their refund option (I didn’t tell them I was reviewing). You want to be sure you get you cash back right? I am pleased to report that all 3 refunded the money, no problems.



Order Process
Instant access after payment
Easy download

Quality of Main Product
Maid of honor toast examples are correct length with balanced style and delivery
20+ good examples that you can mix and match to suit your situation
Useful and practical preparation advice
Many toasts and topical quotes that can add value to your speech


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)
Yes, 9.95 for 10 extra maid of honor speech toasts

Good quality (like the main speeches)
The first 20 speeches you get are probably enough for you. However if you like having extra options and PLENTY to read then the 9.95 is worth it.

Trustworthiness & Honest Description
Products as described

Guarantee Period
60 Days

How do I get my money back?
Via ClickBank

Support From Vendor

Refund request processed quickly and without questions

5 Stars – The best of the products on offer




Order Process
Had to click through quite a few pages to get through complete process (it felt like a few too many)
Payment confirmations received quickly
Product arrived after roughly 30 mins (which felt a bit too long to me)
In the end, the product was delivered as described

Quality of Main Product
Examples are pretty good quality, with varied style, sometimes a little short (in my opinion), but overall useful
20+ good examples that you can mix and match to suit your situation
Reasonably useful and practical preparation advice
Some wedding toasts and a few quotes
Quality lowered slightly by strange addition of internet money making scheme


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)
Yes, 5 dollars for 101 extra toasts and quotes, and a speech preparation guide
Quality is good, and if you buy this product, you should spend the extra 5 dollars (25 dollars total).

Trustworthiness & Honest Description
Products generally as described, but some of the advertised benefits are contained in the upsell rather than the main product

Guarantee Period
58 Days

Support From Vendor
Refund request processed quickly and without questions
Good treatment

4 Stars – A decent product that will help your preparation, and if you like this more than the others you will be fine.




Order Process
Overall OK
Payment confirmations received quickly
I had to wait a few minutes for a slightly strange email after payment, asking me to give my permission for them to send the information. I had to click on an extra link in the email, which added me to an email distribution list (I unsubscribed later)
Product and bonuses were accessible after that in ZIP format (you will need to open ZIP files)


Quality of Main Product
Good speeches, they are of good quality and good length with varied style
20+ good examples that you can mix and match to suit your situation
Reasonably useful and practical preparation advice, although the preparation advice is less than I expected after reading the sales page
Plenty of wedding toasts and relevant wedding quotes


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)
Yes, 9.95 dollars for 10 extra examples

Plus extra upsell option of 20 dollars for 10 extra speech templates AND speech packs for all the other speakers at the wedding (i.e. Father of Bride, Best Man, etc.).

Good quality (like the main maid of honor speeches)
The first 20 speeches you get are probably enough for you. However if you like having extra options then the 9.95 is worth it.

I don’t think it’s worth the 20 dollars to get speech packs for the other roles. There is significant overlap with the original product, and those  other people at the wedding will be looking after themselves. Save the 10$ for something else.

Trustworthiness & Honest Description
I feel the sales page over promises what the content delivers. The sales page talks about “insider secrets” and “mastering” (in one afternoon) the “system of speech seduction”. I couldn’t see any of this in the product I received.

It’s a good collection of Maid of Honor speeches with some sensible practical advice and quotes thrown in. You should ignore the wild and racy sales text and focus on the actual products you will get. Then you won’t be disappointed if you buy this product.

Guarantee Period
2 months

Support From Vendor
Refund request processed quickly and without questions

4 Stars – A good product that will help with your maid of honor toast preparation and with quick “no questions” support, just don’t get carried away with the sales page.