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Dear Younger Sister, (if you are the big sister click here for your page)


Do You Want Some Funny Customized Maid Of Honor “Younger Sister” Speeches?

Do You Want To Give A Funny and Memorable Speech Without Being Nervous?

Do You Want To Get Ready Quickly, Probably Within 1-3 Days?


If you answered YES to these questions, here’s how to give the perfect speech:


We understand that you only get one shot at this important speech. Getting it embarrassingly wrong just isn’t an option, and that’s why we created this special Professional Speech Pack, customized just for you and your big sister.


We are team of public speaking experts that will help you give a wonderful, meaningful speech so that you and your sister will have fantastic memories.


We have helped thousands of people improve their public speaking, including many maids of honor. And we want to help you at this most important time.


Over the years of helping people like you we came to understand the techniques that work fast – the most “bang for your buck” if you like.


Everything in this customized Speech Pack is designed and focused to get you funny and ready as fast as possible…. but without sacrificing quality.


You Will Give A Great Speech – Without The Stress.


When you are short on time, the last thing you need is a big book to digest (even if it’s a good book). You need the best bits in an easy to read format. We understand!


So we condensed our material into “must know” golden nuggets – the most important and useful information in “bite size” pieces.


We give you a focused, step-by-step plan that takes you from where you are today to the “finished article” – fast.


Everything You Need, And Nothing You Don’t.


You’ll get 10 professional humorous speeches. Choose the right ones that play on the exact relationship between you and your big sister. This makes sure you will “connect” not only with your family, but also with your entire audience.


You will receive 10 Professional and Funny Pre-Written “Younger Sister” Speech Examples that you can cut and paste to easily suit whatever personality you want.


We also include a Pre-Written “Fast” Template that makes it easy to bring a wonderful, personalized speech together in an hour or less.


Then of course there are the smile-inducing “Younger Sister” Jokes and 130 Witty Personality Testimonials that can add just the right amount of humor to your performance.


Well, You Want To Get Some Laughs Don’t You? 🙂


Then there is our “Power Tips” document that gives you 25 Practical Professional Secrets Of Speaking Success – in “bite size” pieces. This means you get professional advice in a quick, easy-to-use format.


Finally, mix in some of the 600+ Toasts & Quotes that we add, and “presto“! You will have a fantastic speech ready in no time. “Happy days.”


“OK, That Sounds Great, But What Does This All Cost?”


Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, professional speechwriters charge hundreds of dollars for something as special and customized as these personal speeches. But, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.


For a limited time, you can have all of these time-saving, professional-quality customized speeches for…


only $42!


And I’ll send them to you right away by email so you can get started immediately.


For major events in your life, professional advice just makes sense. This will be the most important day in your sister’s life. Why take a risk?


One more very important note: We’re so sure you’re going to love this product, we’re give you a 30-Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t happy – you get your money back. And, you can even keep the speeches! You Can’t Lose!


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To your speaking success!

The ABC Speaking Skills Team


P.S. Remember that this pack is totally focused on your “younger sister” maid situation, designed to give you a great speech fast, and we give a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee…buy without risk!