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Free Public Speaking Course

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Free Public Speaking Course

No gimmicks, no drugs, and no lies.  Just a truly free public speaking course.

Plus lots of free tips and advice from public speaking experts.

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Key Course Information

This is the best way I know of becoming “comfortable enough” with speaking in public.  To “win”, you need to invest some time and effort, not that much in the grand scheme of things, but some.  Maybe 5 hours of your time over 5-6 weeks.  Think how long you have spent worrying about speaking in public.  I bet it’s a lot more than 5 hours, right?

  • The course is designed to help nervous and fearful speakers
  • 6 lessons delivered over 5-6 weeks automatically
  • I combine passive learning with active learning (the best combination for success)
  • Each lesson is progressively more challenging
  • You will build layers of public speaking confidence
  • Requires +/- 40 minutes in a week
  • You will need one trusted companion in Lesson 3, and two (or more) for Lesson 4
  • You really need to do the lessons, don’t just say “I know that, it’s easy”
  • Stick with the programme!
  • If you stick with the programme and complete the exercises as designed, you will improve your public speaking self-confidence.….(almost) guaranteed!

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*Disclaimer (necessary to make things really clear and keep lawyers happy)If you decide to use the course material, you do so at your own risk.  If you suffer from any medical condition that could be affected by public speaking anxiety, then please seek professional medical advice and do not take the course.You can view the ABC Speaking Skills “Terms and Conditions” here and the full Disclaimer here.