Speak Confidently, Present Competently

Beat That Fear – Public Speaking Confidence Course

Course Introduction

Welcome to the ABC Speaking Skills Foundation Course!

You an read more about why I am doing this in the About section, but in short my friend died young, and his death inspired me to do something useful for other people.  I hope you have sense for my commitment and objectives.  I really am doing this because I believe it will add enormous value to world by helping many people to overcome one of the most common fears that our society faces.

The course is designed to help fearful and nervous speakers reach the ABC foundation level of public speaking confidence.  The ABC foundation level is the core building block of public speaking, and that core is the inner self-belief and self-confidence that allows a person to reasonably express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in social and professional public situations.


Please watch this video first. Here I explain the ABC standards…what I mean by the ABC. N.B. If you don’t see a video box, please refresh the page (usually press F5). Some browsers just need that refresh.

The ABC – The Standard You Are Aiming For

I explain what I mean by The ABC in this video. If you viewed the video already, terrific, you might also want to refresh your memory! If you haven’t seen it yet, please click here and watch it now.

For the speedy high level overview folks I wrote a Quick Start Guide. You can find it in the sidebar over there on the right>>>>>>.

If you like more detail, then please read on.  🙂


Disclaimer (necessary to make things really clear and keep lawyers happy)

If you decide to use the course material, you do so at your own risk.  If you suffer from any medical condition that could be affected by public speaking anxiety, then please seek professional medical advice and do not take the course.

You can view the ABC Speaking Skills “Terms and Conditions” here and the full Disclaimer here.


Primary Course Goal

To develop the public speaking ability and most importantly self-confidence of every participant, to the level where that person can give a small speech at a social gathering, celebration, or professional function, and feel “comfortable enough” about doing so.

Stretch Course Goal

To speak at more than one social gathering, celebration, or professional function, and feel “comfortable enough” about doing so.

Course Structure

6 separate lessons – progressive

Time Required

  • The content is delivered over roughly 5-6 weeks, a lesson at a time.
  • 20 minutes for one iteration of each lesson
  • I recommend to take a lesson at least twice before moving onto the next lesson
  • Therefore +/- 40 minutes a week, or more if you feeling enthusiastic

What you Need for the Course

  • A quiet and familiar room (at least quiet when you will use it for a lesson)
  • Time for yourself
  • One particularly trusted friend or family member who is willing to help you with two lessons
  • Two or three other trusted friends or family members who are willing to help you with one lesson
  • Pen and Paper (you can print some material from your computer)

Typical Lesson Overview

  • Brief Introduction Text
  • Primary Goal
  • Stretch Goal
  • Lesson Structure
  • Time Required
  • What you Need
  • List of Materials (everything I give you for the lesson)


How to Use the Material (my recommended reading/working order)

  • Start at the overview page – read the description and requirements
  • Read/Watch/Listen to Dan’s Pre-Lesson Material
  • Watch the lesson video
  • Do the exercise(s)
  • Evaluate and consider the lesson, write on your printed worksheet
  • Give yourself some time to think (maybe an evening)
  • Watch the lesson video again and repeat the lesson at a convenient time
  • Evaluate again
  • Give yourself a day off
  • Consider repeating a third time or going for the stretch goal
  • Read/Watch/Listen to Dan’s Post-Lesson Material


Typical Lesson Materials

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Pre-Lesson Material – Information/TextVideo/Personal Video from me
  • The Lesson Itself
  • Lesson Worksheet
  • Self-Evaluation Guide
  • Post-Lesson Material – Information/Text/Video from me
  • Brief Introduction to Next Lesson


A Little Bit More Every Week

The lessons are designed to get a little more challenging every week. You can expect that each lesson will be a little more difficult than the last one.

Scientific Principles of the Course

The course is based on a technique called Exposure Therapy which falls within the Behavioural Therapy branch of Psychology.

In plain English this means that together we will start with very gentle public speaking exercises with just you, and build up exposure in gradual steps to exercises that will involve one or more other trusted people.

The progressive nature of the course will help you reduce your sensitivity to stressful public speaking situations.


Still with me?  🙂

Now, please visit my key advice for the course by clicking here.