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Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking Course – Lesson 6

Lesson 6 – The Greatest Feeling !

This is the one and only Lesson 6 page.

At this point a massive round of applause is appropriate for what you have achieved.  Even if you have made just some noticeable progress you have done very well.  I know that it can seem very difficult, so please DO NOT be disappointed if you have only completed a few of the lessons.  No problem!

Take a break and come back to them later.  You can improve every time.


Let’s get into Lesson 6…the final step!

Lesson 6 is an unusual lesson because there is no specific detailed approach to it. Lesson 6 is about finding an opportunity to give a short public speech for real.

Watch the lesson videos, then get out there and give your speech!  Seek those opportunities, they are there all the time.


…and now, to your final set of videos.  Good luck with the speech!


Lesson 6 Introduction – from Dan

Lesson 6 Instruction Video – Dan

IMPORTANT! – When you have given your real public speech please e-mail me!

You have my e-mail address (dan @  ABCspeakingskills (dot) com) and tell me about your speech. I would dearly love to hear your story of success!

Please just drop me a quick note to let me know what you have done and how you have improved.

….and speaking of improvements, I would be happy to hear your suggestions.  What would help you more?  Can I do something different that would be very valuable and helpful.  Please tell me by emailing dan @ abcspeakingskills (dot) com.

If you have completed lessons 1 to 5 and are now comfortable enough with the exercises that are contained in lessons 1 to 5, then you have all the skills and confidence you need to give a decent enough speech at the ABC Foundation Level of public speaking.  Absolutely well done to you!


I can’t wait to hear from you!


All the best!!!!!