Speak Confidently, Present Competently

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking Course – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Talking to Myself

Brief Introduction Text

In this lesson you will give a small simple speech in familiar surroundings (your home).

You will experience a heightened sense of public speaking nervousness and related sensations, and focus on the sound of your public speaking voice.

Disclaimer (necessary to make things really clear and keep lawyers happy)

If you decide to use the course material, you do so at your own risk.  If you suffer from any medical condition that could be affected by public speaking anxiety, then please seek professional medical advice and do not take the course.

You can view the ABC Speaking Skills “Terms and Conditions” here and the full Disclaimer here.


Primary Goal

Become “comfortable enough” with speaking at the front of a familiar room, in the same  “public speaking position” that you used in Lesson 1.  You must become comfortable with hearing your own voice in that position.

Stretch Goal

Become “comfortable enough” with speaking at the front of a different familiar room

Choose another room where you feel comfortable and “at home”, and repeat the exercise.

N.B. Completing the stretch goal is NOT required to progress to the next lesson  If you feel “comfortable enough” with the primary goal, then you can push yourself further and improve faster by completing the stretch goal.  Again, this is not required, so there is no need to feel bad about yourself if you don’t do it.  Just give it a try if you can!

Lesson Structure

The lesson consist of one exercise, and you will repeat the exercise within the lesson

There is an evaluation after each exercise

Time Required

1 Lesson = 20 minutes

Aim to do at least 2 sessions in the week, ideally 3 (should be on separate days)

N.B. You can repeat a session more often than that if you wish

What You Need

20 minutes for yourself (if you really can’t find 20 minutes, then take what you can get….I know that life can be busy sometimes)

A quiet and familiar room, ideally your social/TV room where you spend time with friends/family

Access to your computer is handy (for material review) but not required – you will get the idea soon enough

N.B. You can perform the exercise outside if you wish, as long as you feel comfortable in that location

The ABC Speaking Skills Lesson 2 Worksheet

Pencil or Pen


How to Use the Material (my recommended reading/working order)

  • Start at the overview page – read the description, goals, and requirements
  • Read/Watch/Listen to Dan’s Pre-Lesson Material
  • Watch the lesson video
  • Do the exercise(s)
  • Evaluate and consider the lesson, write on your printed worksheet
  • Give yourself some time to think (maybe an evening)
  • Watch the lesson video again and repeat the lesson at a convenient time
  • Evaluate again
  • Give yourself a day off
  • Consider repeating a third time or going for the stretch goal
  • Read/Watch/Listen to Dan’s Post-Lesson Material