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Fear of Public Speaking Course – Key Advice

Key Advice for Course Participants

You can read this page at any time during the course, and indeed I recommend you come here a few times as you progress.  If you are feeling a bit down….come back here.  You might just find the key word or phrase that gets you moving again.


Stick with the Programme and Don’t Quit

To give yourself the best possible chance of success you must stick with the course for the 6 weeks and complete each exercise as written.  I know you absolutely want to succeed, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this material.    Please try to harness that desire and use it when you don’t feel like repeating your exercise, or when you think about skipping a lesson because “that’s just easy”, and “that’s just obvious”.

Please be one of the people that finishes and doesn’t quit.  Even if you reach a stage where you don’t believe it, what harm can it do to finish off a few 20 minute lessons over a few weeks?  You have spent a lifetime without finding the answer, so what’s a little bit more effort, if only to be able to say to yourself I gave it my best shot?

People find it difficult to complete courses.  There is always pressure from something else, and sometimes they postpone until the next month or whatever.  Don’t be one of them!

You have to decide if you want to beat your nerves and fear badly enough.  There are many “5 quick tips to beat your fear” articles around.  You might be tempted to think that you can read your way to the solution.

In short, you can’t.  Well, at least I have never seen or heard it happen in my 11 years of helping people with public speaking.  The people who have succeeded have been the ones who read AND took action.  The level of the intensity of the action has varied, as has the level of success, but everyone who took the type of action that I share with you in this course succeeded in their own way.

You can succeed too.  You really can.  Don’t let yourself be distracted from your goal.

Don’t Skip a Lesson Because You Have Been There Seen It Done It

Of course you may already have enough confidence to complete Lesson 1 (or any lesson) easily.  Even if you do, please prove it by doing the exercises for the lessons you think you know.  Each lesson exercises your public speaking ability, and possibly in ways that aren’t immediately obvious to you.  Every week you will get a little stronger, and if you could already do the final exercise then you probably wouldn’t be reading this now.  It’s worth your effort.


The “Comfortable Enough” Principle

The course works on the “comfortable enough” principle.  You will hear and read references to “comfortable enough” frequently.  This is because the “comfortable enough” principle such an important part of the course.

It is unrealistic, and possibly even inhuman to be completely relaxed about public speaking.  This course will not completely remove your nerves and fears, but nor should it.  You will have heard this elsewhere, and it is certainly true in my experience that speakers (of whatever level) all retain a certain degree of nervous excitement.

In certain circumstances controlled excitement and nervousness can lead you to some of your best speeches.  I want you to retain that edge because it will work to your advantage over your lifetime.  Therefore I work to the “comfortable enough” principle, where you will control your nerves well enough to achieve the speaking objectives.

There is plenty of time to improve after this course.  I would love to work together with you on some more advanced material.  Let’s get you walking before we try to get you running.

What If I Just Can’t Do It?

Let’s be clear, this is absolutely different from quitting.  If you honestly review your performance in a given lesson, and you honestly feel you can’t take the next step because you are not ready then of course it’s OK to pause.

If you get the stage where you feel unable to go on, then by all means have a break.  That’s a smart thing to do.  You can take it at your own pace.

You will still receive the remaining course content, but you can just leave the next step until you feel “comfortable enough” with the current step.

Have the break, take a week off, and then come back to the “problem” lesson,

Just remember that to succeed you need to keep taking action.  You really do have the power to complete the course, so just break it into smaller pieces and keep coming back to try it.


Ready to start?

Good luck!