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Conquer Fear Of Public Speaking

Is it difficult and expensive to conquer public speaking fear? No!


A lack of speaking confidence can seriously affect someone’s life. But with a few good tips you can quickly turn nervousness and “fear” to your advantage.

You are probably closer to “normal feelings” than you think. In 12 years I helped more than 2500 people improve their public speaking confidence. Most of them told me the same things.

They told me their voice disappeared, their legs shook. They told me their palms and face got warm, and their mind raced but at the same time was “blank”. Sound familiar?

The good news! Most people can become more confident and express their thoughts more easily with relatively little effort.

…and the best news is that I will help you for free! (look on the menu)

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————– Dan Howden ————– European Public Speaking Champion – I will help you beat your fear of public speaking.


Beat Your Fear of Speaking in Public in 6 Steps!

I created a special high quality public speaking video course that is designed for nervous speakers. It really is free (no tricks), and it is totally focused on helping you overcome your fear of public speaking.

6 “easy to follow” video lessons
Step by step instruction (all confidence levels)
Extra written materials
Extra advice in the forums

You don’t even need to enter your email address!

If you want to get extra advice in the forums, talk to me, and receive helpful tips, and other useful things then you can become a member using this form here. That’s entirely optional and up to you, but the course is 100% free 🙂

This is not a marketing scam, there is no small print, I really am doing this with best intentions.


My Mission

My mission is to improve your life by removing something that holds you back, that frustrating public speaking anxiety. I will help you reach your full potential. I believe that everyone deserves a basic level of confidence that allows them to express themselves. In short, I want everyone to overcome their fear of public speaking. This website is my contribution towards that goal.

Why am I doing this?

I am inspired by the early and untimely death of my friend. Life is fragile! I know I am lucky in my own life, and I want to give something meaningful back to the world. I feel I can and should make a difference, and helping others with their public speaking confidence is my way of doing that. You can read more about this on my FAQ page. I am a member of Toastmasters which is another fabulous public speaking resource. You can read more about Toastmasters here.


Whether you are preparing for a Maid of Honor Speech, Best Man Speech, delivering a heartfelt birthday toast, or even delivering an (almost) heartfelt corporate presentation :-), you can benefit from my course.

I wish you fabulous confidence improvement and future speaking success!


Testimonials From Real People

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Genuine feedback from FH – the course really helped him to conquer his fear!


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Genuine feedback from member SM!


 public speaking course testimonial 3 - no fear
BB was inspired by the course! He is now a very active communicator….without that fear. Wonderful!




By Daniel Howden