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Bridesmaid Speeches – Video Critique and Advice

Here we see Jane thrust into the limelight with very little preparation time. She makes an admirable job of (mostly) “ad libbing” her speech and wins several credits for that. Bridesmaid speeches will usually be more prepared, but…….. 🙂

As always there are lessons to learn, so here are the main points….

3 Good Things for Your Bridesmaid Speeches

1) Share your connection to the bride

Half the people don’t know who you are! Those that don’t know you will really appreciate knowing how you are connected to the bride. Sure, they know you are one special lady, but why are you special. Don’t be afraid to share that connection so that everyone in the room has a chance to value you on a more personal level.

2)  Aim for a natural delivery

Speaking “off the cuff” is never preferred, and you should try your best to avoid it if possible, but you are put “on the spot”, it can actually turn to your advantage. You can hear how natural Jane’s delivery sounds. Isn’t that terrific? She can of course improve things, but the way she talks comes across as wholly natural (because it almost was). This is a good example of how a “real” speech can be enjoyed because the delivery comes along as though Jane was talking to a friend in a coffee bar. Good for her! If you can make a Bridesmaid speech sound as natural as a coffee chat, you will almost certainly ACE your speech!

3) Lovely personal story
Jane hits the bulls-eye with her story about how she knew the bride and groom were meant for each other. She tells her “things to thankful for” story pretty well. It takes a little while to build, but you can hear the perfect audience reaction when she delivers her punch line. Search for your little story and punch line so that you can win the audience too.

3 “Not Quite So Good” Things


1) Avoid a negative start
This is a pretty common mistake in Bridesmaid speeches, and so easy to avoid. Even if the world has caved in, you don’t need to start on a downer! Here, Jane tells how she only just found out about giving the speech and how we it probably won’t be funny. That shows someone was poorly prepared (possibly the bride by implication). Do we need to know? Heck no! Just get on with your speech as it is. Funny or not, ill prepared or not, the audience want you to win!


2) Rather rushed and closed vocal work
Jane does rush somewhat, and some things were harder to listen to than they needed to be. She is perhaps a little shy by nature, but eve so you need to articulate well and don’t be afraid to open your mouth. Her deliver is natural (good), but it could be improved by being a little more vocal. Express yourself with a little bit of extra vigour!

3) Downbeat quote delivery

Linking a bit to 2), the final quote could have been so much better. Jane says the quote almost through clenched teeth…..avoid! It is a great idea to use a personal quote (here Lord of the Rings because I understood the Bride liked the book), but make the quote count by performing it rather than saying it. Take some extra time, raise your voice, enunciate, and give it a little power. You don’t need to be all Shakespearean about it, but do add some pizzazz!

Jane has certainly done well to pull a decent Bridemaid show together at the last minute.  Well done her!


jane bridesmaid speeches
Jane – A Bridesmaid Speech “off the cuff”!


Bridesmaid Speeches –  Jane Critique Summary

1) Share your connection to the bride
2) Aim for a natural delivery
3) Incorporate a lovely personal story
4) Avoid a negative start
5) Slow down
6) Avoid downbeat quote delivery…generate some enthusiasm for those words

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