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Bridesmaid Speeches – Video Examples and Expert Advice

Here we see one of our bridesmaid speech examples with Christine (the bridesmaid) getting a little emotional.  We can forgive her, it’s an emotional day right?

Emotion can be a good and bad, and it’s certainly something you should work on a little.

There are still the usual 3 Good and 3 Not Quite as Good learning points below, but pay attention to Christine’s emotional control.  At various points Christine almost “breaks”, but just about holds it together overall.

I recommend that you give yourself a chance to feel your emotions in advance of the big day.  You definitely want to avoid a breakdown.

Take some time to visualize yourself giving the exact speech you have prepared.  Close your eyes in some quiet moments and really try to sense your own emotions as you say the words.  This technique will help you come to terms with your emotions before you do it for real.  This will help you be more in control on the big day.  I have used this technique by myself and it works for me (and others too)!


3 Good Things – Bridesmaid Example Speeches Video Example 2 – Christine

1) Share that emotion

That old emotion is really on display. Whatever you think about her delivery, you can be in no doubt that Christine loves these people.  Showing some emotion and stating some emotion is great!  She demonstrates this not only with her body language, but with her words.  You don’t  need to be quite as emotional as Christine, but definitely get some emotion in your speech. Bridesmaid speeches benefit from the right amount of emotion. No problem!

2)  Tell the audience how great the people are

I lost count of how many compliments Christine gave!…and this included Ryan the groom.  This makes everyone feel great, so its hard to go wrong with this approach.  You don’t need to compliment from start to finish, but make sure the audience knows why you think these guys are great.

3) End with a toast

Christine ends with a decent enough toast.  You will see me discuss this as a “not quite so good” too, but in principle, ending your speech with a toast is a good idea.  It gathers the audience together, signals the end of your speech in a nice way, and gives one final compliment to the bride and groom.  Good stuff!


3 “Not Quite So Good” Things – Bridesmaid Video 2 – Christine


1) Avoid a negative start

Christine starts by telling everyone how she might mess up her speech?  …..errrr, don’t bother.  There’s not much value in that, and she followed it up by saying something negative about the Bride and Groom…..now that’s a high risk strategy for any bridesmaid!  Bridesmaid speeches should be about love, a little fun, and warmth.  Here Christine gets away with it, but you shouldn’t even try!


2) Don’t use a big piece of paper

It’s worth writing a speech that you don’t need a sheet of paper for.  There are many benefits to that but one of the biggest is that large pieces of paper transmit micro movements (i.e. your nerves) all the way to the back of the room.  Everyone knew how nervous Christine was, and Christine could feel that everyone know how nervous she was, which made it worse.  With a little effort you can do away with your paper.  Do it!

3) Slow down

It’s hard to do, but hear you can see how Christine allows herself to speed up.  You will probably be surprised how fast you speak on the day, so don’t worry about feeling a little slow.  Good speakers do speak more slowly than “normal”, and that’s perfectly OK.   Often it’s even easier to understand what you say.  So give yourself that permission to be slower than feels normal…..it will work out just fine.


bridesmaid speeches video examples
Christine – a loving Bridesmaid


Summary of the Bridesmaid Speeches Examples – Video 2

1) Share that emotion
2) Tell the audience how great the people are
3) End with a toast
4) Avoid a negative start
5) Don’t use a big piece of paper
6) Slow down

Christine come across as a lovely person and a nice friend, so even with some improvement opportunities, you can still do well!

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