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Be Remembered For The Right Reasons

.....and make your sister proud

Dear Maid of Honor (and Sister!),


Does the thought of “freezing” and “going blank” in front of your sister, family, and friends make you a little scared?


This is What Happens to Some Maids

A short and oh so lonely walk to the front, a turn, and suddenly one hundred eyes are staring expectantly at the maid of honor.

Audiences never look friendly at this point.  Never.

Of course they are friendly, but her body still reacts.

Facial blood vessels expanding rapidly, giving an embarrassing hot flush.

“Fight or flight” mode kicks in, and that’s bad news.

Adrenaline surges, and her heartbeat instantly doubles in speed and intensity. Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.

Blood flows away from the brain making it even harder to remember those first lines.

The video is rolling.  Every twitch and gulp captured.  Permanently.

She starts to talk rubbish because she is just desperate to say something.

The jokes don’t work.

Actually, that’s even worse than saying nothing.

Oh dear.

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

It can happen to you……but it doesn’t need to!


Blow Away Those Speaking Nerves!

You can avoid that lifetime of bad memories with some simple to use pro-speaker techniques.

We created a “sister focused” maid of honor speech preparation pack that is ideal for you.


Our pack condenses decades of expert speaking experience into easy to read “gold nuggets”.

Plus we asked several professional speech writers to pen 10 loving yet humorous maid of honor sister speeches.

We include jokes, quotes, and buckets of powerful advice based on decades of public speaking experience.

Even better, we customized the pack and speeches specifically for “big / older sister maids”.

This pack is totally focused on you, your sister, and your speech!


Let’s Look at Some of Those Gold Nuggets:


  • The one simple yet immensely powerful technique that professional speakers use to blow away nerves


  • What every maid should do before giving her speech (and most don’t do)


  • Precisely how to get your great speech ready in less than 1 hour


  • The secret to memorizing your speech almost instantly


….and many more!


What’s more, everything in our pack is designed to get you ready fast!

You probably don’t have much time left.  No problem!

We understand you have a thousand things to do, so we paid special attention to techniques that are power and fast to use.

These are the techniques that give you the most bang for your buck.

Powerful stuff!


So Who Are We?

Dan big sister speeches for maid of honor
Dan Howden – European Champion

Good question!

We are a team of public speaking experts, including speaking champions and comedians.





paula speech intro for maid of honor
Paula O’Connell – Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

We have given thousands of speeches ourselves.  Funny, sentimental, a mix, you name it!







Paul Huxley - Toastmaster and Comedian
Paul Huxley – Toastmaster and Comedian

We helped many maids overcome their nerves, and give terrific speeches that they are proud of.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and how you can give a fantastic speech for little effort.




OK, But Does It Work?

It sure does!

All of our techniques are easy to use and do not require any special talent or work.

We make your speech preparation as easy as possible.


Let’s look at a recent testimonial letter…..


“I just wanted to thank you again for your tips and advice for my matron of honor speech at my sister’s Saturday wedding.

It could not have gone better and I received so many compliments. Best of all my sister and her new husband were so touched and so appreciated the words I said.

Thanks again!!

Kind regards



And some other nice feedback we received……


“Your techniques have really boosted my morale….”

“It was tremendous the difference it made…

“I am excited to say that my speech is written….thanks again!”


And our customer satisfaction statistics speak for themselves…


Our customer satisfaction score is 96.3%!

(measured summer 2015)


These techniques worked for other maids who were in your shoes.

These techniques will work for you. Period.


So How Much Does It Cost?


Professional speech writers charge hundreds of dollars for one speech.

…but we know that’s unreasonable for most maids.

So we keep our pricing low.

You can have all the customized speeches, jokes, and techniques instantly on your computer for only $42.

That’s just about only 4 dollars for a professional speech with jokes thrown in!

Amazing value!


But What If I’m Still Not Satisfied – Do you offer a money back guarantee?


We believe in our product.  It’s a great pack with valuable secrets and information.

However if for any reason, any reason at all, you are not satisfied, you get your money back.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

We always refund on request, and are immensely proud of our customer service record.


“….thank you so much for the great customer service”


OK, How Do I Get Access?

Well, you simply click on this green text link:


“Yes, Please Give Me “No Risk” Instant Access”


The secure PayPal page will look like this:

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Just enter your payment details and then download your products.

It’s that easy.

…and we also send you an email too, so you can buy now and download at your convenience!


IMPORTANT: Please note that we never get to see your credit card details.  This page is secure and PayPal offers you the best payment security protection on the market today.


So in summary

You can easily avoid a potentially embarrassing situation, and create a beautiful lifetime for memory for you and your sister.


You will get:

10 professional and customized “sister focused” maid of honor speeches

Our hilarious sister focused “maid of honor” jokes pack

25 golden nuggets of pro-speaking techniques in a bit-size format

600 toasts and quotes

130 witty personality testimonials

Our “get ready fast” and ready to go speech template

Our focused maid of honor speech preparation guide

…everything you need to prepare a great speech fast!


To your speaking success!


The ABC Speaking Skills Team

P.S. Remember that this pack is totally focused on your “big sister” maid situation, designed to give you a great speech fast, and we give a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee…buy without risk!