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Best Man Speech Advice

Welcome to our Best Man Speeches Zone!

We are busy working on new Best Man Toast articles and tips right now…..literally now….so pretty soon there will be a lot more meat on the bones.

That said, there are still a plenty of useful things for any passing Best Men.

Why not have a look at our expert analysis of a great example of a Best Man’s speech. You will see an excellent speech, which on its own is a joy to watch. However we boost the value by showing you how even a very good speech like that can be enhanced with a few simple tips and techniques.

Wedding Speech Advice on Video

To help you out, the ABC Speaking Skills team prepared some wedding speech video advice for you to watch. Each of the experts has given plenty of wedding speeches and is a very experienced and talented speaker in their own right.

Check out their videos.

There is Paul…..he’s a comedian too don’t you know.

Lovely Paula is top of everyone’s Master of Ceremonies list when it comes to weddings

….and Bill is our resident actor who has a bag of stagecraft tips and tricks that embarrasses professional magicians!


Our Review of 3 Professional Best Man Products – Many Example Speeches

In addition to the useful tips, we reviewed 3 of best professional Best Man speeches products that are out on the market today.

If you are pushed for time, then they are a viable option. We give the real information about what’s inside and what they are like. Check out our review here.  Each of them contains 20+ Best Man sample speeches.

Best Man Speech Confidence

…and if you are looking to simply deal with some speaking nerves, then you might like our foundation speaking confidence course.

best man performing speech picture
Eric doing what we all want to do….speaking well!

A Best Man speech can give rise to sleepless nights, and in some cases quite extreme physical reactions. We know you are so keen to do well. You don’t want to “let the side down”, and you want to show the folks that you can do it.

It is surprising how much improvement you can make with relatively little practice, so it might be worth at least looking at lesson 1. Stick with it. The course starts at basic level, but there is power in even the first exercise.


So there is plenty for you to see, listen, watch, and use. Good luck with your speech!

Dear best man,

I'm Dan, a geeky /nerdy European public speaking champion, and I will help you give a fantastic best man speech.

I give speaking tips, and professional product reviews.

You can email me if you want too  (dan @ abcspeakingskills.com)

Good luck!