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Best Man Speech Examples – Video Critique and Advice

I know that you want tips and advice for your best man speech. I thought it might be useful for you if I provided some feedback on various best man speech examples so that you get some useful tips.

These videos are a great opportunity to learn in a visual way, and pick up quick tips. I keep the advice short and easy with 3 good points and 3 “not quite so good” points.

Maybe this advice helps you in your preparation. I hope so, and I wish you every success!


Dan best man speeches profileDear Best Man

I’m Dan Howden, a rather geeky European public speaking champion, and I want to help you give a fabulous best man speech.

You can get some useful tips here, and later I review three professional best man speech products.


Good luck with your speech!



Speech Video 1

Eric (the best man) does an excellent job.  In my opinion this is one of the better speeches you will see.  Eric finds a beautiful balance of cheeky “best friend” humor and warmth for his friend.  This balance is what we should all strive for when speaking.


You will note that Eric has a rather informal best man delivery style.  He comes across as comfortable and natural.  I am sure he was feeling nervous inside, but he manages to be himself (i.e. he is not giving a perfect formal delivery).  He slouches a little, keeps his hand in his pocket, some of his enunciation could be better, but the audience loves him for it.

This is a lovely illustration of how you can deliver your best man speech in a less formal, and therefore probably less nervous style. Well done Eric!



3 Good Things – Best Man Speech Examples – Speech Video 1

1) Powerful and clean start

Right from the first word, Eric’s voice is clear and powerful.  This wasn’t just because he has a mic (although that helps of course), it’s because he knew exactly what he wanted the first words to be, he practiced them, and he was ready to say them.

Some people mumble the beginning of their speech.  Don’t be one of them.  Get yourself “ready” and make an effort to lift your delivery of the the first sentence.


2) His humor

Eric’s best man jokes are cheeky, but on the right side of good taste.  The jokes poke fun at the Groom and Eric himself.  This is the correct balance you try to achieve.

I enjoyed his early joke, “you and me tickling each other under the covers”.  What a great gag to start with.  It was “college” based (hinting I’ve known him for a good while), it hints at boyish friendship (warm, and a nice link with college life), and it hints that they were particularly close friends which often gets a giggle from audiences.

This is clever, but there is more “smart” here, because his next joke is about Brad (the Groom) being married to……”a woman!”.  That is good speech-craft and his second joke deservedly gets a bigger laugh because he positioned it close to the tickling joke.  Excellent!


3) He get’s personal

Eric gives a personal story about his thoughts on the bride and groom.  This a a useful and positive technique.  In Eric’s case he recounts the point in time when he absolutely knew that the bride and groom were perfect for each other.

Again, this is super speech-craft because it creates an atmosphere of love and warmth in the room and reflects wonderfully on Eric himself.  It shows that he feels truly close to the groom (and the bride), it shows that he thinks about them (evaluating intelligently), and it shows that those private thoughts are tremendously positive…….ergo, as far as the audience is concerned, Eric is a smart, friendly, thoughtful, insightful and warm fellow…..they love him even more and by now they would laugh if he read the governments’s tax rules.  🙂



3 “Not Quite So Good” Things – Best Man Speech Examples – Speech Video 1


This was definitely a good effort and anyone would be proud of it.  That said, in nearly every speech there are things that can be slightly improved, and this is some of most valuable learning material.  These are not criticisms, just my opinion of things that would improve things even more, and that you can learn something from.


1) Groom’s bad points

Eric talks a lot about Brad’s (the groom) bad points.  This is of course OK, and to some degree even expected of best men.  That said, personally I like to see a little bit of balance and I always love to hear a positive story about the Groom.  I think there was room for a positive story here.


2) What about Mum and Dad?

Eric doesn’t mention Brad’s Mum and Dad.  I personally love it when the best man acknowledges the Groom’s parents, and tells them what a great job they did bringing up their son (assuming they did of course!).  The wedding day is one of their proudest moments and a little bit of public praise will put the parents on top of the world, and you will receive some warmth too.   Win win!


3) The ending

Eric told (another) funny joke (Heaven), but then his speech died a little.  The ending was (again in my opinion) the weakest part of his speech.  I think Eric could have made a more powerful conclusion (to match) his start.  That said, the audience understood it was the end and he got a big cheer and round of applause anyway.  The boy did well, but with a neater ending it would have been even better.



Key Points – Best Man Speech Examples – Speech Video 1

Best man speech examples Brad
Best Man Speech by Brad

1) Make the start powerful – get this bit right if nothing else

2) Find the right balance of cheeky humor and polite taste

3) Find an opportunity for a personal story

4) Make room for some positive things about your friend

5) Involve the groom’s parents

6) Put effort into your ending…it’s worth it!


I will post other best man speech examples soon along with their critiques.  Thanks for reading, and good luck with your best man duties!



My Review of 3 Professional Sources of Best Man Speech Examples

Source of Best Man speech samples
Winning Best Man Speech Examples Product
The winner is…….http://www.weddingspeechesforall.com/best-man-speeches.



1) Because their samples have a little greater depth and quality…they are (in my opinion) slightly better than the nearest rival.




2) Their pre-speech preparation advice covers the most important aspects of preparation work and offers genuinely helpful tips that you can use.


Note: I also tested all the paid sites on their refund option (I didn’t tell them I was reviewing). You want to be sure you get you cash back right? I am pleased to report that all the vendors refunded the money, no problems.


You can find hundreds of best man speech examples on the internet, but are they all the same quality?


Each of the professional products has 20+ very good example speeches (which is plenty enough for you to make one great draft), and because they are written by professional writers they contain extra finesse.


All 3 paid sites will save you time, and for only 25 dollars, it’s worth it.


Now for more details on each of the products……

I bought these products with my own money (no influence from the vendors). I looked at each one in detail, and I will give you my opinion of which is the best.


This is an honest review. I am not recommending a product because it pays more money. I really believe that the recommended product is the best for you.


I looked at 3 paid sites.



Best Man Speeches And Toasts


What you will see when you click the link
Winning Best Man Speech Product

Order Process
Overall OK
Payment confirmations received quickly
I had to wait a few minutes and then click on an extra link in the email
Product and bonuses were accessible after that in ZIP format (you will need to open ZIP files)


Quality of Main Product 

20+ Excellent best man speech examples, they are of very good quality and good length with varied style

Mix and match copy and paste is possible

Useful and practical preparation advice
Plenty of wedding toasts and relevant wedding quotes

An excellent pack, and worth cash.


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)
Yes, 9.95 dollars for 10 extra best man draft speech samples

Plus extra upsell option of 20 dollars for 10 extra speech templates AND speech packs for all the other speakers at the wedding (i.e. father of bride, maid of honor, etc.).

Good quality (like the main best man speech examples)
The first 20 samples you get are probably enough for you. However if you like having extra options then the 9.95 is worth it.

I don’t think it’s worth the 20 dollars to get speech packs for the other roles. There is significant overlap with the original product, and those other people at the wedding will be looking after themselves.

Spend the 10$ for the extra speeches, fine, but you don’t need to spend an 20$ for the full upgrade pack.

Trustworthiness & Honest Description
Product as described. The sales page is pretty honest and fair.

A small point is that I expected a little more on the speech preparation work after reading the sales text, but there is enough preparation help for you to make a great performance.

There are plenty of toasts and quotes for you to use and couple of bonuses too.

Guarantee Period
2 months

Support From Vendor
Refund request processed quickly and without questions

How do I get my money back?
Via ClickBank

5 Stars – The best of all the products. The speech samples in this pack have that little extra something that makes this the winner. This pack saves you time and will definitely improve the quality of your speech.



Wedding Speeches For You 20+ Best Man Speech Samples

Order Process
Instant access after payment
Easy download

Quality of Main Product
Very Good – particularly the preparation advice
Best man speech samples are correct length with balanced style and delivery
20+ good examples that you can mix and match to suit your situation
Very useful and practical preparation advice
Many toasts and topical quotes that can add value to your speech


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)
Yes, 9.95 for 10 extra best man speeches

Good quality (like the main speeches)
The first 20 speeches you get are probably enough for you. However if you like having extra options and PLENTY to read then the 9.95 is worth it.

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Products as described

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60 Days

How do I get my money back?
Via ClickBank

Support From Vendor

Refund request processed quickly and without questions

Almost 5 Stars – A fabulous product that will definitely improve your speech. This product has the best preparation advice, and almost as good sample speeches and writing quality as the winner.



Ultimate Best Man Speeches

Order Process
Payment confirmations received quickly, but product did not arrive

N.B. I have used this vendor before for other products and their customer service was good. I expect there is a systems error here.

I have emailed customer service asking for help.

I will update this part once I get access to the product, but for now I suggest you hold back (if you have time), or go with one of the other products.


Quality of Main Product


Upsell Option (and quality of upsell)

Trustworthiness & Honest Description

Guarantee Period
58 Days

Support From Vendor

Not available for review



By Dan Howden

Dear best man,

I'm Dan, a geeky /nerdy European public speaking champion, and I will help you give a fantastic best man speech.

I give speaking tips, and professional product reviews.

You can email me if you want too  (dan @ abcspeakingskills.com)

Good luck!